We, at Asoka Lifescience Ltd. are deeply aggrieved at the mayhem and manslaughter caused in Mumbai by a handful of gun-toting youth brainwashed and bought into believing that killing people for money, chauvinism, and fake patriotism is justified.

We are shocked at the turn of events and condemn the terrorist activities that has been going on in our nation for quite a few years. It’s not right to blame any one particular group unless it has claimed responsibility for the attacks; but what is going on is just mindless… absurd…

We have heard a lot being spoken about the ‘indomitable’ spirit of Mumbai which shows in the people’s attitude when they board the local trains to commute to work following a terrorist attack the previous day. But this eulogizing must not become a stale habit. It has become customary to salute the spirit of Mumbai every time such things happen, and then forget everything. What we need is some solid action, and not dry, hollow words.

We must fight back but, how to go about it?  

How did the terrorists at all get in? Is it that easy? What were the police doing at that time? Why aren’t the police being equipped with more effective arms and ammuniton? Why aren’t more number of policemen being employed for more intense vigil and beefed up security? There is already so much unemployment; recruiting some of the unemployed youth would solve some of that problem, too.

The Ministry could use this recent attack as a campaign, inspire the common man (remember the Indian Navy campaign of “Do you have it in you?”) and form an anti-terrorist division where dedicated youth would join and serve the country (read lay their lives in fighting terrorists). If LeT, Al-Quaida can recruit MIT grads, Harvard grads, why can’t our Govt. do the same thing and turn the tables on them? Everything is fair in war… (forget love).

Last but not the least, we pay our tribute to all the defenders of our nation who lost their lives in saving other lives. Our heart goes out to them who lost their dear ones, and we mourn deeply their loss. We extend our sympathy and wishes to everyone remotely affected by the attacks and hope everything will be normal soon enough.