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Not Only an Asthma Medicine, Res-Q is Also a ‘Lung Cleaner’ Treating COPD


For the first time, a poly-herbal ‘lung cleaner’ tablet has come out of the research labs of Jadavpur University, Kolkata. The wonder drug Res-Q not only gives relief from asthma, but also manages COPD, and should be a must have for all smokers.


Kolkata: The wonder asthma drug called Res-Q researched by Jadavpur University, Kolkata, and manufactured by Asoka Lifescience Ltd. has certain healing properties that makes it a must-have during the winter season when cases of bronchitis, COPD, and other infections of the lower respiratory tract increase in number, not to mention the common occurrences of cold and cough. Res-Q relieves people in all the above cases because of its unique poly-herbal composition which acts as a bronchodilator and clears the patient’s lungs giving relief from difficulties in breathing, and chronic cough.


Prof. Bishwanath Sa, the man who developed the formula for the drug said, “Res-Q is a medicine that ensures relief from all kinds of respiratory distress. By respiratory distress, it is meant any type of infections of the lower respiratory tract or disorders that create difficulty in breathing. People tend to confuse it with asthma, which is a non curable disease, thinking that Res-Q is a medicine solely for asthma. All the seven herbs present in Res-Q are universally known for their properties which clear the congestion of the lungs. Since congestion of the lungs is caused not only by asthma but also other factors, therefore Res-Q can be said to be a curative or preventive for those diseases as well, COPD being the most important among them.” Prof. Sa teaches at the Pharmaceutical Technology department of Jadavpur University.


“For the first time, we have brought out an herbal alternative medicine for all kinds of respiratory distress. Res-Q can be taken even in cases of mild cough or to clear the phlegm of the lungs,” Mr. Sourav Roy, Managing Director of Asoka Lifescience Ltd. said. When asked if that could lead to side effects, he said, “That is the good thing about Ayurvedic medicines. Since they contain zero amounts of steroids, they are totally safe and healthy for the people. You can call our medicine ‘a lung cleaner’ of sorts, because of its miraculous power of cleaning your lungs within minutes of keeping in the mouth.”


This has been proved to be true since almost all the people who took Res-Q for the first time were relieved of the dried up cough present in their lungs within minutes. A considerable number of them were not asthmatics as such, and took the medicine on an experimental basis to clear their lungs, knowing fully well that there won’t be any side effects.


After its launch earlier this year, Res-Q has seen a steady growth in sales across the state of West Bengal. “The presence of Asoka Lifescience Ltd. in the online marketing space has led to a regular flow of queries from people belonging to other states. A good number of Res-Q strips have been shipped to other states as well,” remarked Sourav Roy. “The demand for Res-Q is more in the districts since the Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs) have started prescribing the medicine for cases where people complain of breathing troubles. This is not the case in a big city like Kolkata where people have a disregard for Ayurvedic medicines and rely more on allopathic drugs for every single ailment,” Mr. Roy went on to say.


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Asoka Lifescience Ltd. was born of the vision of young entrepreneur Sourav Roy who has a thorough knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. Keeping in mind the growing world market for the herbal medicine industry, Mr. Roy has signed a MoU with the Pharm. Tech. department of Jadavpur University by virtue of which all the research products of the department will be manufactured and marketed by the company. For more details visit: or the company’s corporate blog: